What is like to be a young african entrepeneur ?

A fascinating and compelling story about what is like to be a young entrepreneur trying to build a company in Africa. We start with our greatest dreams and the vision that goes with.

The only process of making it happen here sacrifices everything that makes our life great whether it’s the romantic side, vacations time with the beloved ones, real estate ownership, corporate jobs, cash flow.etc.We’re only left alone with our eyes to shed tears when we can no longer take the pressure of the uncountable failures we have been through.

And then suddenly we realize that there is a great reason why we have failed, we were so full of oursleves that we could not pick it up.
Putting our ego aside, we can see now clearly what’s not working with our way of doing business.We fix it and then become a totally different person as opposed to what we were before-

And I think this is really what defines best an african entrepreneur, being able to adjust, expand, grow round the clock.Making the most of the opportunities we have been granted.